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 Masenz Group - About us

Masenz Group is an international pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona, Spain; specialists in the pharmaceutical supply of raw materials and dedicated to the production and commercialization of food supplements, in various galenic forms, for own and third-party brands; backed by the proven quality of all its products and the experience of its professional team; committed to health, quality of life and human well-being.
Masenz Group


In Masenz we are committed to the full satisfaction of our customers, supported by the capacity of our team, in innovation, product development, with up-to-date technology, strict quality controls and oriented to the preservation of the environment.
We focus on offering quality of life and well-being to the community, and meet the growth needs of our human resources and our partners.


Masenz is an internationally recognized company for the welfare and quality of life, reaching the satisfaction of our partners and customers in a dynamic and demanding market, through an innovative and future vision, with coherent strategies, scientific and technological development, with a culture of teamwork made up of trained people, identified and with high levels of motivation, in a modern, agile and proactive organization.


In Masenz Group and all the team that composes it, they manifest as our values and principles of the company: commitment, innovation, quality, sustainability, transparency and flexibility.


  • We feel part of a valuable company, for which we put all our effort and dedication into what we do.
  • Our commitment is to the welfare and quality of life of the human being.
  • We are optimistic and perseverant.


  • In accordance with the trends and demands of the market, we develop new innovative products, with the best ingredients to meet the needs of consumers.
  • We have the most advanced facilities, technology and highly qualified research teams.


  • Our products are manufactured in Europe under strict quality controls.
  • We are specialists in raw materials so we guarantee your selection process.
  • Being excellent means acting with professionalism to satisfy our internal and external customers, with products and services that meet their expectations, for which we constantly innovate.


  • We are a stable and solvent company.
  • We must continue to grow and generate value together with our partners.
  • We care about an optimal use of resources, consequently with the preservation and care of the environment.

Transparency and Flexibility:

  • We always act with integrity, fairness, respect and honesty.
  • We comply with the law and the established rules.
  • Our clients are the heart of the activity we develop.
  • We are always willing and understand the importance of facing challenges with great encouragement, regardless of its complexity.